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Acoustic ceilings created by architects and designers for architects and designers

StratoScape is an inspirational range of modular acoustic ceiling rafts creatively designed to cater to the needs of architects and designers, while delivering exceptional acoustic performance.

Our extensive collection features 18 eye catching acoustic ceiling raft systems, engineered to be seamlessly suspended above areas that require reverberation control.

With the architect and designer in mind, we have structured this range into easily customisable modules, streamlining the specification process. By simply determining the dimensions of a single module and assessing the area in need of acoustic treatment, architects and designers can effortlessly integrate multiple modules to create a captivating ceiling landscape.

StratoScape offers a versatile solution for a range of applications. Whether it’s suspending a single module over one or two desks, or incorporating multiple modules over a cluster of workstations, our acoustic ceiling rafts deliver both visually striking aesthetics and optimal functionality. Through the incorporation of multifaceted blades, StratoScape effectively absorbs, diffuses and dissipates unwanted reverberation, ensuring echoes are neutralised.

Experience the transformative power of StratoScape by 14six8, where architectural creativity meets unparalleled acoustic performance.


01 Bloom

Introducing Bloom, a suspended acoustic cloud from our StratoScape collection, that beautifully unravels the artistry of tranquility. This exceptional product offers the flexibility to be hung individually or as a collection of modules, creating a captivating array that effortlessly transforms any space into a serene sanctuary.



02 Orb

Embrace the allure of Orb, a suspended acoustic ceiling raft that effectively reduces reverberation within spaces to create a captivating visual ambiance. Thanks to its modularity, architects and designers can easily integrate these suspended clouds into any environment.



03 Stitch

Encounter the seamless fusion of aesthetics and acoustics with Stitch. Its delicate interweaving pattern stitches together, elegantly reducing the echo in any space. From boutique cafes to corporate offices, architects and designers can tailor Stitch, creating an extraordinary acoustic ceiling landscape.



04 Key

Unlock the potential of creative spaces with Key, a modular acoustic raft in our StratoScape range. Create interesting ceiling landscapes while reducing unwanted echo. Architects and designers can build up from a single module to a multiple module ceiling scape.


14six8 StratoScape Raft 04b 01 Link

05 Link

Connect and transform your space with Link by joining multiple modules to seamlessly span across your ceiling while reducing the unwanted reverberation in a busy office. Architects and designers can easily create an environment where ideas flow freely, linked together by seamless patterns that unite form and function.



06 Fray

Edgy and deliberate, Fray is a seamless suspended acoustic raft which is easily assembled and built up. Architects and designers can create spaces by multiplying Fray’s modular design while reducing unwanted reverberation with each module added.



07 Grid

Step into the structured symmetry of Grid, a suspended acoustic ceiling raft system from our StratoScape series. Architects and designers can compose visually captivating spaces, where Grid’s structural patterns create a sense of order and purpose.



08 Prime

Elevate your surroundings with Prime, a parametric acoustic raft from StratoScape. Visually striking while reducing reverberation within a room where occupants can thrive in an environment of audible comfort.



09 Polar

The smallest of the StratoScape range, Polar is best suspended with multiple modules creating a space where people naturally gravitate towards while providing an acoustic solution given the nature of the PET material it is made from.



10 Slab

Discover the elegance of Slab, a suspended acoustic parametric square. Slab’s geometric design offers boundless creative possibilities, reducing reverberation while composing stunning visual displays. Architects and designers can create captivating environments, encompassing the whole ceiling or focusing on single focal areas for acoustic support.


14six8 StratoScape Tide ceiling acoustics

11 Tide

Whether it’s a bustling office, a lively restaurant, a serene educational institution, or any other space that demands acoustic finesse, our Tide acoustic ceiling raft delivers. Whether suspending one module on its own or seamlessly joining multiple modules for an entire ceiling landscape, Tide is easy to assemble and install.



12 Circuit

Circuit brings together functionality, aesthetics and sound control to transform your office space. With its sleek modular design, easy installation, and excellent noise absorption capabilities, Circuit can easily grow from one acoustic raft into multiple modules transforming your ceiling into a visual masterpiece.



13 Shutter

Designed to compliment your interior spaces, our Shutter acoustic ceiling system combines aesthetics and functionality to create the perfect acoustic environment. The modularity of Shutter allows you to combine multiple modules seamlessly, offering superior sound and reverberation control.


14six8 StratoScape Raft 10 01 Tartan

14 Tartan

Weave a pattern of creativity with Tartan, a suspended acoustic raft from our StratoScape range. Like a timeless tartan fabric, this module seamlessly integrates aesthetics with acoustic control, reducing reverberation while creating a cozy atmosphere. Architects and designers can create environments that invoke a sense of tradition and comfort.


14six8 Home Hero StratoScape Crop

15 Crop

With a sleek biophilic aesthetic, this acoustic ceiling raft seamlessly integrates into any architectural setting, enhancing the overall ambiance while effortlessly complementing the existing decor. By knowing the raft dimensions architects and designers can easily specify and build up the acoustic system into any environment.



16 Hood

The versatility of Hood allows architects and designers to either suspend the raft in a concave or convex orientation and either as a single module or multiple modules. Architects and designers can effortlessly create spaces where occupants feel sheltered from distractions through visual segregation.



17 Cluster

Like constellations of stars, Cluster creates a celestial harmony by reducing reverberation and amplifying comfort. By seamlessly joining modules of Cluster together architects and designers can curate environments that inspire creativity.


14six8 Home StratoScape Dew Orbit

18 Dew Orbit

Similar to our ever popular suspended ceiling Dew, Dew Orbit is configured into bite-sized modules making them easier to assemble and install. Having horizontal and vertical droplets, Dew Orbit traps and absorbs sound between the lades, reducing reverberation while creating a refreshing rejuvenating and inspired atmosphere.


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14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-01-Bloom Bloom
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-04a-Key Key
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-04b-Link Link
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-04c-Fray Fray
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-05b-Grid Grid
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-06a-Prime Prime
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-06b-Polar Polar
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-06c-Slab Slab
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-07-Tide Tide
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-09-Shutter Shutter
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-10-Tartan Tartan
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-11-Crop Crop
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-12-Hood Hood
14six8-StratoScape-Raft-17-Cluster-Single Cluster
14six8-StratoScape-Raft-18-Dew-Orbit-Single Dew Orbit