Modular Ceiling Rafts

14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-01-Bloom Bloom
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-04a-Key Key
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-04b-Link Link
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-04c-Fray Fray
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-05b-Grid Grid
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-06a-Prime Prime
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-06b-Polar Polar
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-06c-Slab Slab
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-07-Tide Tide
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-09-Shutter Shutter
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-10-Tartan Tartan
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-11-Crop Crop
14six8-StratoScape-Menu-Raft-12-Hood Hood
14six8-StratoScape-Raft-17-Cluster-Single Cluster
14six8-StratoScape-Raft-18-Dew-Orbit-Single Dew Orbit



Weave a pattern of creativity with Tartan, a suspended acoustic raft from our StratoScape range. Like a timeless tartan fabric, this module seamlessly integrates aesthetics with acoustic control, reducing reverberation while creating a cozy atmosphere. Architects and designers can create environments that invoke a sense of tradition and comfort.


Single Module

14six8 StratoScape Tartan
14six8 StratoScape Raft 10 02 Tartan

Multiple Modules


Available UK & Europe


Experience the fusion of aesthetics and functionality with our diverse color range for acoustic products. From serene neutrals to vibrant hues, our palette offers endless possibilities to personalize your space. Unleash creativity and enhance sound quality effortlessly.



By understanding the StratoScape Tartan dimensions you can work out how many modules you will need for your available space. Tartan can be used as a singular feature or multiple modules joined together

Tartan Dimensions

2200mm L x 2200mm W
400mm Depth


10 x main struts
16 x decorative blades
4 x fixings

Single Module


Multiple Modules






Acoustic Performance

Welcome to a world where acoustic performance meets the ceiling. Our ceiling acoustic solutions redefine the way you experience sound in interior spaces. Our products deliver exceptional sound absorption and diffusion properties, transforming any room into an acoustically optimized environment.

Modular - Build them up

Embrace the power of modularity with our exceptional acoustic products. Designed with a modular approach, these solutions offer unparalleled customization and adaptability to suit any space. Experience the freedom to shape your acoustic environment with ease and precision.

Easy to Assemble

Simplify your acoustic journey with our products that are designed for effortless assembly. Say goodbye to complex installation processes and hello to a seamless experience. Our acoustic solutions are thoughtfully engineered with user-friendly features, ensuring hassle-free assembly.



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14six8 icon Material Specs

Material Specifications

Composition: 100% Polyester Fibre
Recycled content: Minimum 45% PET plastics
Recyclability: 100% recyclable


Acoustic NRC Rating: E-87 NRC 0.75 (12mm material)
Acoustic NRC Rating: E-124 NRC 0.95 (24mm material)
Calculated to BS EN ISO 11654:1997

14six8 icon VOC Emissions

VOC Emissions

VOC concentration: Low VOC product.
Product manufactured from 100% polyester fibres and no chemicals are used in manufacture of the material.

14six8 icon Fire Rating

Fire Ratings

PET Material Fire Ratings
12mm - EN13501-1:2018: B-s1, d0
24mm - EN13501-1:2018: B-s1, d0

How to Order


Select a style

Discover the ideal style for your acoustic ceiling and bring your vision to life. With a range of captivating designs to choose from you can create a truly customized and visually stunning ceiling solution.


Select number of modules

Determine the ideal number of modular ceiling rafts for your project. Consider the dimensions, layout, and desired acoustic impact to determine the perfect quantity of rafts that will achieve your goals.


Select a colour

Immerse yourself in the world of color and select the perfect hue for your modular ceiling rafts. From calming neutrals to vibrant tones, our extensive color palette offers endless possibilities to enhance the visual appeal of your space.