T-Grid Ceiling Tiles

Unique, quirky and dramatic. 14six8 T-grid ceiling tiles, or drop ceiling tiles as they are also known, offer the unmistakable contradiction to the antiquated plain grid ceiling tiles available and our acoustic ceiling tiles are in PET material for excellent acoustic performance.

The majority of our standard 600mm X 600mm (actual size 598mm) tiles can be arranged in unison with one another or by simply rotating every other tile by 90 degrees which can deliver a completely different visual impression.

Each designed with 3 dimensional suspended elements, our ceiling tiles create the perfect sound trap that will not only look amazing, but will also have superior acoustic performance.


Create maximum visual impact with the dynamic dimensionality of Cluster. Our suspended parametric ceiling baffle that redefines architectural aesthetics through geometric symmetry and expression.

With its superior acoustic performance, the design of multiple blades, facets and angles diffuse, deflect and absorb sound to create ceiling landscapes that are not only creative and visually beautiful but will also enhance the acoustic comfort within a space.

Dream it. Configure it.

Groove Sky

Using the same genetic code as Groove we introduce Groove Sky which transforms into a suspended grid-like acoustic structure which can morph into any room it occupies.

Available in both 12mm and 24mm PET material Groove Sky is highly modular and can be assembled and suspended into an infinite amount of configurations to create inspiring geometric landscapes. Being so modular you can add to the already suspended structure when, and if, the need arises.

Trapping noise between the individual struts for an ideal sound trap Groove Sky can be made as dense and as sparse as you prefer. Given the openness of the system light fittings can drop through the gaps and you can build the system around any MEP protrusions.

Acoustic Baffles

Create dynamic visual interest and design impact to your ceiling designs with the use of our 14six8 acoustic baffles.

Going against the norm in a plethora of available baffles, we’re looking at them from a different angle.

Redefining modern expressionism of aesthetics, geometry and dimensionality that will accentuate your space and transform your interiors with these suspended landscapes, diffusing sound reverberation, improving acoustic performance and enhancing an overall sense of habitable comfort.


Similar to molecular structures carrying genetic instruction for the development and functioning of all known organisms, our DNA is an evolutionary assembly of one essential shape that has endless construction possibilities to ensure no two arrangements are ever the same.

Whether it’s down a stairway, floating above work stations or hovering above a reception area, the formations are absolutely endless. Available in 200mm or 300mm molecules, DNA can literally fit any space or ceiling void.

Dream it. Configure it.


Designed to morph into any space it inhabits like a suspended amoeba, Facets creates stark visual appeal with its modular organic form. It’s multifaceted, multi-planed cells can be assembled in an array of configurations.

With the enhanced acoustic performance and progressive modularity to fit virtually any room size, Facets is a suspended acoustic system which yields much design impact


Redefine your design vision with the structural aesthetics of Vine to create maximum visual impact as well as enhanced acoustic performance. The dynamic modularity of the system allows for the configuration of small, independent suspended rafts over workstations and other defined spaces to seamless and continuous expanses of reverberated sound diffusing visual interest with the capability of been adapted to any size or shape ceiling footprint.

With beautiful geometric symmetry and dimensionality, Vine enhances architectural interiors to deliver dramatic design impact.


Whether it be a single unit suspended over a workstation or a cluster of units suspended in an almost unlimited array of patterns, levels and angles, Timber is sure to create a modern expression of creative freedom in acoustic ceiling design.

Timber can be used to define individual spaces as clusters or arranged to encompass entire ceiling footprints in almost any desired pattern or orientation that creativity can allow offering an extraordinary degree of uniqueness to every installation.


Whether creating suspended homogeneous planes or multiple depths of field this geometrically inspired, modular system will entice the most creative curiosity into the design of large volumes of space where superior acoustic considerations are essential. With the potential of customised horizontal volume and colour configurations the system can be integrated into pre or post design scenarios elevating ceiling design literally to another dimension.

In the evolution of architectural design, acoustics are now seamlessly woven into the DNA of HIVE offering an holistic solution within the realm of trendy modern design and development of spaces. With the addition of the hexagonal inserts which are available as solid elements or an array of patterned cut outs there is also the choice of how open or closed the system will be to suit the space requirements.

Dream it. Configure it.


Form and function are the driving force behind the creation of DEW with an acute focus on architectural license and harmony. As a high performance suspended acoustic system it redefines artistic design potential in that the size, volume and colour of each cloud can be customised to suit any space, from small studio spaces and offices to large multi-volume auditoriums, galleries and reception areas.

The infinite assembly configurations offer unique results to each cloud allowing every environment to stand out as an architectural statement transforming ceilings and soffits into exciting, sound absorbing suspended landscapes.

Dream it. Configure it.