3D Acoustic Wall Tiles

Dynamic, versatile and expressive. 14six8 3D acoustic wall tiles will offer functional dimensionality to any vertical surface no matter the size.

Our standard 597mm X 597mm tiles can be arranged and configured uniformly in a single direction, vertically or horizontally, in alternating directions or totally random to create expressive visual interest to your space.

Designed with parametric blades configured to form 3 dimensional organic shapes, sound is trapped, deflected and diffused between the individual blades maximising acoustic performance and enhancing visual impact.

Decorative Acoustic Wall Tiles

14six8 decorative acoustic wall tiles redefine dramatic visual impact and modern expressionism while enhancing acoustic performance within a space through functionality and aesthetic versatility.

Carefully considered pattern repeats allow for continuous integration of artistic wall installations from small to large surfaces enhancing acoustic
comfort as well as a sense of dimensionality and visual interest.

Each 597mm x 597mm tile is manufactured from 2 layers of 12mm PET allowing a creative freedom of colour exploration. Whether grey on grey or a combination of grey on colour, select a background and foreground colour combination that enhances your space. The interactive versatility of choice when it comes to building up your tile colours is all part of the design process which personalises your installation.